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Heather has been on bed rest for a large part of her pregnancy. Poor thing! I can’t even imagine. I wanna crawl out of my skin with boredom if I’m stuck, sick in bed for just a day.

Because she was unable to stand for too long, we decided to do a shoot in her bedroom. It was perfect.

She’s naming her daughter Reagan. I’m so in love with that name. I’m sure Baby Reagan will keep her mama very active once she joins us into the world.

So, rest Heather. Rest all you can. Being a crazy, busy mama is right around the corner!

Heather had four pieces of bubble gum in her mouth to make that bubble.

Get it? She’s about to “POP”!

Heather’s husband was so patient and sweet. I had him stand in for her if I needed to get my exposure and lighting situated.

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