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mary kay at your service!

I love art. Paintings. Photography. I even appreciate good landscaping. Anything creative is my friend. I feel it’s someone’s soul throwing their expression out there for all the world to see. I love it!

So along with loving to shoot photos of people, I also love to do make up. I guess you’d call me a “make up artist poser”. I definitely don’t have the schooling for it, but I LOVE to do it. I’ve been helping family and friends out since high school- proms, weddings, boudoir shoots.

When I was a teenager and became curious about make up, my mom taught me how to properly apply it. I remember vividly how she explained the reasoning behind shadowing, light application and color palettes. Did I mention my mom is an artist as well? She’s an illustrator- I guess I may have inherited a bit of her genes?

Without trying to sound too corny, I believe the face is a palette of it’s own and I love to shadow the eyes, emphasizing their shape, or line the lips, emphasizing their pout.

But my favorite thing about doing make up is when the woman takes her first glimpse in the mirror and squeals in excitement about how beautiful she looks. Isn’t that how we ALL want to feel?

This morning I did make up for two friend’s of mine that are bridesmaid’s in a wedding today- here’s a few shots of how fantabulous they looked!

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