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the papadakis family: palos verdes family photography

Miss Kayla is having her First Communion next month and I was happy to capture such a special time in this beautiful little girl’s life.


She warmed up to the camera immediately, which made my job a piece of cake!


We also incorporated some family shots.


We went to another great location to finish the session because who doesn’t love pictures of little girls in a field of flowers?


KathrynColbyPhotog2014© (22 of 27)

I adored these sweet sisters playfulness! I hope they cherish these pictures for years to come.

KathrynColbyPhotog2014© (23 of 27)


yummy, golden hour light is the best.

The girls were so cold at the end of our session and as their dad wrapped them in this blanket, I had to get a shot of how sweet it was!

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welcome baby giana: san pedro newborn photography

I have so many sessions I haven’t blogged yet. I give myself a guilt trip every day about it. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that there aren’t (and never will be)  enough hours in the day.

Period.  The end.

Although this session is a wee bit delayed, I couldn’t resist posting this beautiful little family. Gail and Anthony were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl, Giana and she was an absolute angel to photograph.


sweet new mama bliss.


ha! their pup wanted some love too.


How adorable is this nursery?!

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tina + john: cabrillo beach maternity session

It wasn’t long ago I did Tina’s last maternity session. She now has her adorable daughter, Charly and she and John wanted to take the pictures at Cabrillo Beach so their little one could run free on her very first day at the beach.



Little does Ms. Charly know that her mama is hiding her baby brother in that tummy and she’s gonna meet him any day now.


Her ruby red lips are so kissable. I die.


Her first time in the ocean!


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being sick blows.

I tried to think of a catchy blog title for this post, but there’s really no better way to put it: being sick BLOWS.

Wanna know what blows even more?


Holy Awful Kick Off to Spring Break.

So my husband caught the bug Friday, and as he was dry heaving (why do guys throw up so loudly?) until the wee hours of the morning, my daughter stayed at my parents to steer clear of the germs, and I decided to sleep in her bed because, God forbid I get sick. I can’t afford to. I’ve always thought that was such a silly phrase. I mean who says, “Ya know, I think I’ll hang out at a preschool for a few days… hopefully I’ll catch a bad cold… that way I can use last month’s bonus check and take some time off… ”


I posted this picture on my Instagram last weekend. We were having a great morning at the Farmer’s Market and all of a sudden my poor guy threw up all over himself. It was so heartbreaking to see. He looked so confused. Once we got home, I finally rocked him to sleep, feeling his hot little body against mine, and feeling so helpless.

That night we had to make a trip to the ER, fearful he was super dehydrated. Again, I tried to contain myself from the hospital germs, because I couldn’t afford to get sick.
Aaaaand this is is the synopsis the morning after our hospital visit. UGH. Not only was my son sick, but Delaney and I caught it too. The hardest part was that they wanted to cuddle and be with me, and I was achy and hot, then cold, then had to go get get sick and then they had to, and so on and so forth. It was HELL.

But after being quarantined for three days, changing sheets way too many times, watching Frozen (if I hear “Let It Go” one.more.time.) on repeat and lots of rest, we were feeling much better yesterday.



Um, help? 


And she’s back. In full force.


Seriously, can I get some help here?



Oh, geez. I knew the rock-a-bye-baby was coming.


And sidenote: How long does it take for bangs to grow out? Delaney decided to give herself a haircut (standard three year old procedure I’ve been told) last December.  It’s been four months and they’re still not long enough to pin back. I feel like it’s taking for.ever.

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No words can describe the feeling I get from these pictures!! And I just KNOW you were reading Daxy’s wondrous little mind while his spit-fire sister went to town!!

Jeana Viramontes

Yes! Not a good week indeed but in my experience
the positive that comes from being sick forces
us to stop and just focus on all the love you’ve
captured in these beautiful pictures!!!

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the turning point.

My daughter has been anxiously awaiting this time for eight (long for her, lightning fast for me) months.

“When am I gonna get to play with him, Mama? He’s so boring…”

“Soon, baby girl- I promise…”

The first few months of her little brother’s existence she was constantly being reprimanded.

Be gentle, Delaney.

No, you can’t pick him up yet.

Too rough, sweetie.

Get off of him!

Did you just spray water in his face?!

I see you in the monitor! Get out of his crib! He’s sleeping!

And now our little guy is officially eight. months. old.

His long wisps of hair stand straight up like a porcupine.

He’s off the charts in height and looks like he had his first birthday months ago.

He’s still not crawling. He barely rolls over. But he’s solid. And hearty. And I don’t feel like he’s gonna break if Delaney hugs him too tight. She gets so excited now that she finally gets to feed him or when they take a bath together.

Watching them interact melts my heart.


He finally got his first tooth and his dimple seems to be getting more pronounced every month. (SWOON).



It’s not fair my clients have better pictures of their children than I do, so as I was rushing out the door yesterday, I grabbed my camera. I never make time for “sessions” with my kids, so most of the pictures I have of them is when we’re at home.

We went to The South Coast Botanical Gardens to meet up with my Fit4Mom group. After our workout, the rest of the class went about their day’s plans, but the three of us sat and had a picnic. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, the bottlebrush trees were swaying back and forth in the cool breeze. Delaney ran around with a stick, while Dax followed her every move, smiling from ear to ear, screaming with joy. We explored the grounds slowly and I took it all in. How blessed I felt to have a job where I make my own hours. How fortunate I was to live in a place where flip flops are the shoe of choice 11 months out of the year.

I let them do their thing. And I sat. And I watched. Because tomorrow they’ll be asking to be dropped off at the beach. The next day they’ll be asking to be dropped off at a party. And the day after that I’ll be dropping them off at college.



This chair is my favorite piece of furniture in our house. It’s our reading chair. Our cuddle chair.

Our sit there until I fall asleep mama chair.

My husband snapped these pictures of us after Daxy got out of the bath.

My hair’s a mess and I have spit up on my shirt. But such is life. This is how we are most days.

Beautiful chaos.


Thank you Melissa- for inspiring me to write more personal posts. See, I did listen to you…

Mike Harris

I want copies of these photos.


Such a heart felt and wonderful story. One day you will be sitting in that chair (love that pic) reading this story to them. You are a beautiful, talented and amazing person Katy. Melissa you are an amazing too! We should all be so blessed to have a friend like you.


Absolutely beautiful Katy….the children, you, the photos….everything about your family! Priceless….


Ahhh, Thank you so much Sue! You’re always so supportive.


Jo, You need to start a blog. You are such a great write- always lifting spirits and making me think deeper about things. I’m serious…


Yes sir! ;)


Perfect and so true… Love these pics and I love
that they can truly interact now. No words needed.
It’s a beautiful thing ❤️❤️❤️

You absolutely caught the core of these kids through your lens!! I’m fortunate to see this scenario every time I’m around them, where I have a perpetual glow going on in my “Mammy” heart! Love these pictures!! … and especially the warmth and personality that they portrait.

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